My Baptism Book

I'm excited to be my baby nephews Godmother. In just a couple weeks we will be so blessed to be able to take part in his baptism. I wanted to give him something special for the occasion but struggled about what to give him. I wanted something useful, not clutter. It also had to be related to his baptism in some way since that was what the gift was for.

Then it happened. I received the Catholic Company's catalog in the mail. Of course they had the perfect solution! The My Baptism Book.

Sophie Piper and Dubravka Kolanovic did a wonderful job creating a book that is filled to the brim with spirit filled poems, short stories and quotes from scripture. The illustrations are so adorable that any child would love them. I can see my sister reading the little stories to him at bedtime.

If you are in need of Baptism gift for under $20 this is it. This book does not appear to be for Catholic's only. There are no Catholic specific writings in the book from what I could see.

No one sponsored this book review. If you are interested in having a book review done by either myself or Mr. NtJS please contact us. We are always looking for good books!


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