The Art of Borrowing

My number one tip for keeping your house clutter free and saving money is not to buy stuff. I do understand that there are times when you need (or really want) something temporarily. That is when you call on your friends, neighbors and family.

There is a right and a wrong way to borrow. If done right you will be able to continue to borrow from your friend. If done wrong you have not only lost a source for borrowing items but you could potentially damage your relationship.

Here are some guidelines for successful borrowing.

  • Ask Nicely~ When you call the person to ask to borrow the item let them know what you are going to do with it, when you need it and when you will return it. And yes, do say please and thank you.
  • Set Return Time~It's important to let them know how long you will borrow the item for. This helps to re-assure them that you will in fact return the borrowed item.
  • Return Condition~ To help show your appreciation return the item in better condition if possible. Wash it, fill it with fuel, or what ever you can do to help maintain the item.
  • Keep Your Word~ Just do as you said you would. Return the item on time or ask to keep it longer with an explanation as to why you need it longer.
  • Say Thanks~ Depending on the items value it could be a simple thank you email or a homemade pie.
  • Limits~ If you find you keep borrowing the same thing from the same person you might want to consider buying it. It might end up being a wise investment instead of more unused clutter.
  • Return the Favor~ Let them know that they are welcome to borrow items from you as well.
With these six simple rules you will master the art of borrowing.

How often do you borrow from your friends and neighbors?


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