Who Are We Really?

Can you really define the Mr. and I in just one or two words? This evening we were trying to figure out what word best describes our lifestyle. In the end we really were not sure what word describes us the best.

So we are asking our loyal readers for help. Please tell us what you think. It's driving me nuts. What am I?!?!?

Am I an environmentalist, a homesteader, thrifty, a minimalist or did I miss the boat all together?

If you are new to the blog here are some pointers to help you answer the question.

  • We live debt free (minus a small mortgage) on one modest income
  • Catholic/Christian
  • Cloth diapers
  • Cloth napkins
  • Grow most of our food
  • Backyard chickens
  • DIY's to the max (using greenest materials we can afford)
  • and much more as you can tell by our blog
I can't wait to hear from you!


4 over 4 said...

you sound environmentalist

Erin said...

I just found your blog so I have not read much, but I would describe you as a great steward over what you have been blessed with. You are not extreme, rather you take what you have been given and you work hard to not waste. Does that make sense?

Cheree said...

Just found this as well. I also would describe you as a steward of what God has put in your care.
I also could describe a lot of you as us! We, too, are Catholic/Christian, grow a lot of our own foods (herbs/veggies), have chickens and just try to do our best with what God has given us. I would like to try harder at living simpler--it's how I grew up but not really how my husband was raised so therein lies the rub--though I am just as guilty as he is sometimes. It also becomes an issue when our family "meets" society and feels the pull. Your blog/website inspires me (us) to try harder!

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