Quarterly 2010 Goals Update

It's hard to believe that the first quarter of the year just came to an end. Time flies at our house. We try hard to run out house like a well oiled corporation so along with setting annual goals and monthly budgets we also do reviews of each at the end of every month/quarter. How did we do with our goals during this quarter? Our 2010 goals are well on track!

Here is how we are doing on our goals for 2010.

Goal 1: Spend more time as a family. Check! Some weeks we have more then others but over all we are spending a lot more quality time with the girls and it shows. Everyone is happier as we bond as a family. I'm sure that the dividends from the time spent with them will continue to pay off as they get older and more independent.

Goal 2:
Eat healthy, organic, and local. Check! We have been mostly living off our freezers and canning shelves full of preserved local foods. We even took a cheesemaking class and tapped our own maple trees this quarter! Just a couple days ago I started planting some early spring crops in the garden. I'm hoping that our garden will be able to help us stay on budget will staying healthy, organic, and local.

Goal 3:
Save for a car. Check! We were able to start funding the car fund this quarter. It's exciting to think that we will be able to get a newer vehicle (specifically an SUV w/3 rows) in the near future. So far we have apx. $4k saved. Which is great since the car we are replacing rolled past 100k miles this quarter.

Goal 4:
Have some fun money. No Check. I hate to say this but we have not been able to add the fun back into the budget yet. We have a couple large projects that need to be funded this summer like painting our house and some other smaller projects are that "have" to be completed during our short Michigan summer. Maybe by the third quarter we can have some slush money.

So that's our update. How are things going for you? Are you sticking to your 2010 goals? Is life a little crazy at your house or are things smooth sailing?


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