Shock and Excitement!

These were the emotions I felt when I looked out our back window and saw this in the bushes just three feet away.

14 EGGS!

Our silver laced Wyandotte named "Night" started laying eggs but instead of putting them in the nesting box decided that this would be the perfect place. So after 14 days of laying eggs I finally noticed the pile. We had been making comments for two weeks now about her making "egg laying" noises but could never find any eggs. We took 12 of them inside for us to use and moved the remaining two into her nesting box.

After placing her in the box the next day she had taken to it. Just this evening I went out there and the two eggs had become three. It will be interesting to see if she continues to use the newly found nesting box or if she will return to her old spot in the bushes.

It's exciting to start getting the fresh eggs from our own chickens. I'm sure the other three will start laying in about 1-2 weeks. Oh all the excitement at our house!


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