Performance Review Update: After 6 months!

After 6 months, HR finally has a response.

A response to what!?

Oh right, it's been a while, so let's get a quick recap of the situation:

  • 2008 results come in - Economy is in the crapper, profits are down
  • Merit increases (raises) were suspended
  • Bonuses were cut by 75%
  • 401k contributions were suspended
  • Part of our 401k match was replaced with company stock
So my proposal, after a positive review, was this:

The company is substituting what they have (company stock) for what they don't (cash). So I asked that they do the same when it comes to raises - substitute what they have (time) for what they don't (cash). If I have to forgo my raise, then at least give me a few extra days off.

It took six months, but I got an answer - and it blew my mind.

At my mid-year review, my manager had the answer that I had forgot I was waiting for. Turns out, he had in fact presented my proposal to our representative. So it turns out that despite HR receiving several other proposals, no one had asked for vacation time in lieu of the raise. So what the heck were they asking for? My manager didn't know. But the surprises didn't end there.

Turns out that our HR rep then took the proposals to our VP, who didn't want 'one off solutions ' only for those who asked. Maybe they don't know, but that's who gets the deals - the ones who ask. So they put together a few ideas that they could implement across the board for everyone in my department. "Ok", I thought, "at least they are doing something, which is new". Well, for one reason or another, again no details, all the ideas fizzled out.
So what are they doing?


Just jaw-droppingly inept. They never cease to disappoint me. It took six months for them to get absolutely nowhere. So who reviews their performance?

While I know that my manager would give me the days if I asked, that's also not really the point. The point is to get it in writing, so that when our organization changes, it would go with me, and not be a 'back-office' deal. Well, so much for that. I guess I'll just stick with my plan:
Continue to work my butt off, and pray that there are better times ahead of us all.


Revanche said...

That's thoroughly aggravating. When I pushed for a well-deserved raise [took over management of 3 staff members, incl. training while they were just doing their jobs], my bosses decided to give everyone raises. But called them bonuses so it looked precisely like a Back Office Deal. Apparently they believed in collectivism as well. Was unthrilled by that.

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