An End to Summer

School started on Tuesday and I just couldn't let my daughter start school without one last visit to my parent's farm. We had a wonderful week of enjoying nature and other local activities that were all free.

There were flowers to decorate with

Cool evening breezes to rock in

Sisters to play with

Slides to ride

Grammies to hug

Birthdays to celebrate

Tractors to ride

Free zoos to visit

Even free hair eating to boot'

Funny faces to make

Webs to conquer

Farmer markets to sample

Evening rides along the creek

Morning walks through the wildlife preserve

Wildflowers and weeds in the ditch to clip

It was a wonderful way to bring summer to a close. Just a few more sweet memories of a summer's past. The memories will be priceless and oh so precious as she grows older. She will never once stop to think about the amount of money I spent on those memories. She will never know that we didn't have any money to budget towards a summer vacation. She will only remember the things we did, not the things we didn't do.


Miss.Jen said...

Very nice! Thanks for sharing.

Beth Dunn said...

Ah yes school is back. xoxo

Luigi | Brochure Printing said...

Wow! Those are awesome pictures. I can really tell that they enjoyed their trip to the farm. You made a good decision. Family bonding and at the same time being close to nature is really great. I remember my visits to my grand parents' farm and I can still feel the excitement I have during those times.

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