Crayon + Diapers= ?

One Purple Crayon + One Full Laundry Load of Diapers= One Stressed Mama

Oh Yes, it happened at our house. Somehow our 18 month old put a purple crayon in the diaper pail with the dirty diapers. I somehow didn't notice it. The crayon not only made it through the washer but also the dryer with the diapers. This is not the first time crayons ended up in the dryer. Several years ago our oldest daughter stuffed her pockets full of crayons. When she did it I looked up lots of things to try to remove the wax and dye from her clothing. Nothing really worked. This prior history had me really stressed.

This time things are different. I have a wonderful group of mom's over at DiaperSwappers who are a wealth of knowledge. And have kids like mine. LOL

In a thread about removing crayon stains from March K8second0 stated that she had used one cup of baking soda to remove crayon from her diapers and it had been successful in removing the stains.

I was so frazeled that I forgot to take before photos of the diapers. Here is what they looked like after the first round of baking soda. the stains are less then half the size and amount of wax that they were before the wash in baking soda. I've since washed them again in baking soda and it is almost completely gone. I needed to use them right away but after this next washing I'll take more photos. I really is just some purple dye left on them. The wax is completely gone.

Thanks for saving my diapers k8secondo and DiaperSwappers!

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Stacie @ newmommyhelp.net said...

So, you just added some baking soda and it got out the wax? I've never heard of this. Wow! How much did you use?

Mrs. (not) the Jet Set said...

I used about 3/4 cup baking soda. The diapers have no issues with wicking and seem to be working just fine. I've washed them twice since I wrote this post and they are still doing great. The crayon is only slightly noticeable on the two dipes that had the worst staining.

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