A Cut Above The Rest

I really just wanted to show off some of the flowers from my yard but I felt like I need to write something with it so it doesn't look like I'm being a show off. So this is what I came up with.

6 Reasons Garden Bouquets are a Cut Above the Rest
  1. They are somewhat free.
  2. They are a lot better for the environment then store bought flowers.
  3. They give you bragging rights.
  4. They beautify your landscaping before you cut them.
  5. They help you get your kids involved with nature and thinking of others (if used as a gift).
  6. They build your self esteem and lift your spirits.

Why do you think Garden Flowers are a Cut Above the Rest?


Julie L. said...

You're not showing off...you're sharing. Thanks....they look gorgeous!

Becky said...

They are just plain gorgeous. Hydrangeas are among my favorites. Yours are the same color as mine. Lovely!!

Carly said...

Cut flowers are so lovely...I love being able to go out and get flowers from my garden. These are beautiful!

Your cool friend Cheryl said...

I love freshly cut flowers from the yard. You're not bragging, they look great!

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