Farming for the Future

I grew up on a family farm. Unless you were raised on a farm it is hard to explain what it is like to be a farm kid. You learn so much about life and gain a true since of responsibility from a very young age. I would not trade it in for the world. However, it was not always easy. Thankfully there are groups like Farm Aid that help support farmers in need and help to get laws passed that protect farms not big corporations.

When I saw that they were doing a photo contest I knew I had the perfect picture to share with the world. This is a photo I took of my father and two daughters. They are having a blast riding with their papa and you can see the wind turbines working hard in the background. Please take a few minutes and visit the Farm Aid website. I'd love it if you voted for us, but really, I would just like you to support farmers by voting. Thanks!

Farming for the Future


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