Vacation Or Bust 2009: Busted?

As you may recall, we decided late in the year to challenge ourselves to funding a family vacation in Texas.

We made some strides and things were looking pretty good. Heading into November, we were beginning to believe that we could pull it off. Well, that was not quite the case.

We were funding this vacation all on extra income - not out of the family budget. By mid November, we were seeing that reaching the $1300 goal just wasn't likely.

That's when the Mrs. hatched Plan B.

Texas was out of reach, but we had to get out of Dodge. It wasn't much warmer than Michigan, but a long weekend in Indianapolis would provide ample opportunity for the family to get away. Here is what we did:

After 3 days of family fun we were glad to hand the kids off to Grandma, and go celebrate our anniversary.

Sure, Texas would have been nice - very nice. But the girls still had a great time. In fact our six year old kept going on and on about how spoiled they are. It's things like that, those little statements and smiles, that remind you that sometimes it doesn't take much. You don't have to spend a lot to get a lot. And really, it was more about us, and the season than it was about what we were doing and where we were going.

Have you ever felt like you failed only to find that maybe you had the wrong definition of success?


Anonymous said...

As an Indy local I just wanted to say that we're so glad you enjoyed yourselves and come back soon!

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