A call for help

We might not be the jet set, but as you already know we feel like it's important to tithe. Our 10% tithe does not all go to our local church though. In fact, it's split with a chartity that is extremely close to my heart. The charity is Hearts with Haiti. It's the 501c3 non profit that helps to fund the St. Joseph's family ministries in Haiti.

While in college I went to Haiti twice on missionary trips with Church. The St. Joseph family opened their home to us both times. I was amazed with their work back then and I'm still amazed by them every year. I was devistated to find out that even though God took care of all of the children the 5 lower levels of their home was lost.

I'm making a plee to everyone who reads this to look at their website to see the great work that do to help turn abandoned children into educated, loving, and sucessful adults. Then see what you can do to help them. Can you pray for them? Can you make room in your budget to help them financial to rebuild their home? They will put your money to good use and you know that your money is going to a real Haiti ministry with a proven track record. No fat!

Let's help these children feel God's hand at work.


Rachael said...

I couldn't agree more. Our church, St. Thomas Aquinas, also goes to Haiti to help our sister parish. In fact, we just returned. It is very saddening what has recently occurred with the earth quake.

Something that has stuck in my mind is how little it costs to build a home for a family down there, we were given estimates of $200. If people could split their tithing or front an extra $5/week or even month it's better than nothing.

Anonymous said...

I'll go take a look at the website and at least send up some prayers for them. One of our friend's sister is there, thank God they've heard from her and she is okay. What a mess.

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