Seasonal Recipe: Green Beans

I have always had a green thumb when it comes to green beans. They seem to be easy to grow and deer are not crazy about them. Luckily, we are! There are lots of things to do with green beans, but my favorite recipe for freshly picked is as simple as growing them.

Seasoned Green Beans

Green Beans (enough to feed your family)
Olive Oil
Grey Sea Salt
Freshly Ground Pepper

In a sauce pan put in enough water to just cover your beans. Bring the beans and water to a slow boil for 5 minutes.

Drain the beans. Add just enough olive oil to your hot sauce pan to lightly coat your beans, usually around a tablespoon. Next add a little sea salt and pepper for flavoring. Then return the beans to the hot sauce pan and coat with the oil mixture.

It's just that simple. With only about 10 minutes you can make a tasty healthy side dish that will not break the bank.

What is you favorite green bean recipe for garden fresh beans? Feel free to link back to your blog with the new McKlinky we are testing.


Bill said...

Add some chicken bouillon to the boil water and you will add a lot of flavor. It also works great with broccoli.

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