FPU: In Review

Looking back, I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was a very successful FPU class.

I have to say: The students in our class were awesome.

Every week, we saw improvement. Every week, the victory stories increased in quantity and quality. Every week, a few more cards would go through the shredder. They blew us away. 13 weeks is a long commitment and out of the 37 families that started, 25 qualified for 'graduation' (missing no more than 2 classes). Of the other 12, I would only list 5 as "dropped out". That's ok - it's not always the right time for everybody.

But for the naysayers. For the goobers who are down on Dave. For the folks who think this stuff can't really work and have a better plan - I'll offer a few more stats.

  • $1.1 Million. Our class started out with a whopping $1.1M in debt. One point one million dollars. That's a big number. Averaged out across the 26 families who had non-mortgage debt and could give numbers, that came to~$43,000 per family. Which is pretty well in line with what Dave quotes as 'average' in North America. Collectively, a staggering amount.
  • -21%. At the end of our class, the families in attendance reported that they had collectively paid off $230,000 in debt - a reduction of 21%. During one of the worst economic climates in decades.
  • $90,000. Our class also reported a positive affect on their savings accounts - to the collective tune of $90k. Money in the bank that they never thought possible.
  • 179. The total number of credit cards shredded during our 13 weeks. We filled a 1/2 gallon mason jar with the remnants of the cards and presented it to our priest as a token of our appreciation for supporting this ministry. He was thrilled.
  • 6. The number of families already signed up to take FPU with us next time without a formal announcement.
  • 6. Also the number of families who prepared and signed their wills during the class.
Both averages - debt paid off and money saved per family - were above what Dave quotes as typical for families taking FPU. This during a recession and in the state of Michigan. These guys absolutely killed it and after listening to what they got out of the class, I know that they will continue to do so.

I would be a bit remiss if I didn't give some love to our co-coordinators and our nursery workers. None of this would have been as successful or gone as smooth without them. We were truly blessed by there presence and assistance - week after week.

If you missed them:
  1. Super Savers
  2. Relating with Money
  3. Cash Flow Planning
  4. Dumping Debt
  5. Credit Sharks in Suits
  6. Buyer Beware
  7. Clause an Effect
  8. That's Not Good Enough!
  9. Of Mice and Mutual Funds
  10. From Fruition to Tuition
  11. Working in Your Strengths
  12. Real Estate and Mortgages
  13. The Great Misunderstanding
Whether you are struggling or succeeding, there is something here for you.

Why haven't you taken FPU?


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