Oh Deer!

Oh Dear, oh deer! We have deer, again. Deer love to visit our garden. Between them and the bunnies we lose a lot of our harvest. Last year I lost over 50 tomato plants when we went away for the 4th of July. I came home to find them mowed down to the ground and deer tracks surrounding the plot. Talk about heart wrenching. I did a lot of crying that night as I witnessed what was left of all my hard work. I vowed to never let them get my garden again. Well, so much for that. I literally go outside almost every single night to chase them out of my garden. They ate half of my tomato plants the night I planted them. After that I had them encased in netting. They have however been feasting on my peas. This was a new one for me because they had never ate them before. Oh well. I will keep working on finding the right combination of to prevent them from dinning on MY buffet line.

Other then that my garden is looking great. We are still eating the lettuce almost everyday. The peas and green beans will be ready soon. The squashes and some melons are blooming. The tomatoes, pepper, carrots, potatoes and eggplant are growing really well. We have been harvesting some onions too. So yummy. I did have to re-seed most of my herbs. They were really spotty. I did use older left over herb seed this year instead of buying new seed. I waited until last week when I could find seed on sale locally to buy some for reseeding. We will have to wait to see how well it fills in.

So that is my lovely garden update. How is your garden growing?


Brittany said...

Whew, I'm not the only one who cries over lost plants in the garden! My husband thought I'd lost my marbles last night when I was crying over losing all my zucchini plants to vine borers.

Sorry about the deer. Those must be even harder than insect pests to keep out!

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