FPU Week 13: The Great Misunderstanding

Well, this is it. Week 13 of 13. It's been an incredibly challenging 13 weeks for us, and we weren't even trying to get out of debt during that time!

Despite all the trials, all the difficulties for anyone leaning and applying this material, week 13 will really rock your world.

I was in the car with a couple of co-workers the other day - one listens to Dave's show occasionally, the other had never heard of him. The listener and I had got to talking and he was 'quizzing' me on the Baby steps - "Baby step 1 is....?" "$1,000 in the bank." "Baby step 2 is...?" "Debt snowball.....". And so on. My other co-worker was listening to all of this. "Baby step 7 is....?" "Build wealth and give a bunch of it away!"

My other co-worker finally piped up, "What!?!" I think it was the second part that got him.

The point of all this material is not to be greedy or hoard money. If you think the end game is just a bunch of numbers in a bank account then you've misunderstood.

You see, none of its ours. It's all His.

The first part of beginning to unravel this is to understand the ownership we have mistakenly applied to money. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills - and He owns the hills too. As Christians, the Bible explains that we are not the owners - we are not the Lord of the realm. But rather the steward for the Lord - we are His managers. He has simply entrusted His money with us. And it doesn't take much Bible study to get that He has not entrusted it with us solely for our own gain.

Now that's just a small bit of this lesson. And I know that there are a lot of you who totally tuned out of the 'God stuff' and are still parsing this post for the personal finance part. Well this is it, baby. Until you have your spiritual life in order, you'll never truly understand financial peace.

This is a powerful, powerful lesson. So much so that a former priest asked us to edit it down to 20 minutes so that he could show it in place of a sermon. This is one not to miss.


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