PF BS: A New Feature on Not the Jet Set

Spring is in full swing here in Michigan, and April showers bring.... mosquitoes. And there's something particularly annoying about mosquito bites. They aren't deadly, debilitating, or really even that painful (short of Lyme disease).

But they itch. And swell. And bleed.

Kinda like some of the personal finance advice you'll find being spewed out on the internet these days. But don't blame it all on the internet - TV, print, and radio can be just as bad. You try to be an adult and ignore it. Sometimes it gets the best of you. You try not to, but sometimes you just gotta scratch that itch.

Well, I'm scratchin'. I'm callin' BS on some of these myths being spread. I'm callin' you out on these crutches some of you rely on. I'm callin' shenanigans on these populist views aimed more at driving traffic than teaching sound principles. No-one's safe on this one. Like usual, we're gonna call it like we see it.


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