Full Disclosure: Car vs. Roof

You may have noticed that when we overhauled the site, we also revamped some of the content. Our 'Full Disclosure' section got a much needed update, including the addition of our 2009 financial goals.

You may have also noticed that the 'Car Replacement Fund' got robbed.

No, no - don't call the police!

Nothing sinister occurred. It's tough to aggressively save for two large goals at the same time, especially with no raise and a paltry bonus. Well, the good Lord told us to replace the boiler and the roof. And now He's told us, "the cars are fine, get the roof done!", in His own special way - another leak!

For those of you keeping track at home, that comes to a total of 4 leaks. One is definitely under control, another is questionable, another is in need of more help, and this latest one still needs a patch. We're planning to replace the roof in June or July as that is when we can get the help. I know it's a bad idea to try and do this now as the rain is so unpredictable and plentiful here in the Spring. Plus our help is busy in the fields. It's just so tough to wait.

So why not pay a pro? We're still living like no-one else, so that later we can live like no-one else. When we put a request our for bids, they came in between 11 and 14 thousand dollars! For shingles! It's a single-story, low pitch, fairly simple roof. Two valleys, a chimney and 4 or 5 vents. Yet roofers in this area act like everyone's last name is Trump. So that's out.

A couple of weeks ago, we bought our shingles as they we on a great discount. It's a great product with an excellent warranty and we saved $990. But we were still a little disappointed. With all of our other expenses, we couldn't swing the bat at a steel roof. We know it's the way to go and have had our hearts set on it for years. Maybe on the next house - we're not going into debt because our feelings got in the way of reality.

So there you have it. The cars will have to wait and continue to put up with our kids, dogs, and lax cleaning schedules.


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