Cloth Diapers: Fact vs. Fiction

Jillian's Drawer's if one of my favorite places to buy cloth diapers. Recently when I was browsing her website for information to share with a friend I found this wonderful fact vs. fiction sheet.

I'm always surprised by the number of people who say they could not use cloth diapers with their little ones because of X. I always find that X is not even true. Some say they are scared of safety pins. So am I! I could never use a pin on my wiggly baby. But they make velcro and snappi's. They say that they couldn't stomach the stinky smells or the messy poop. Trust me, it is no worse and maybe even better then disposables when it comes to smells.

Hop on over to Jillian's Drawer to see the rest of the facts and fictions list.

What is keeping you from using cloth diapers? Do you use cloth diapers? If so share your favorite part of using cloth.


AccidentalHW said...

Thanks for this great info! I've been thinking about cloth diapers alot lately, and although husband is not on board yet, I'm working on it!

Abby said...

Thanks so much for the link! We are cloth diapering baby #2, and I'm amazed at how simple it is.

There's one missing point I'd add to her FAQ, though - "disposable diapers are no work" is a fiction, too!

Anyone who has ever lugged the contents of a diaper pail to the trash thrice weekly, hosed down their Diaper Genie and dealt with last-minute-dashes to the 24-hour drugstore to replenish their supply knows that diapering your child is always a chore.

I find cloth diapers at least as convenient as disposable, slightly more economical (if we'd started with baby #1, they'd be a huge savings) and more pleasing overall. I also appreciate the fact that my diapers aren't covered with licensed characters. There is really no need for my 7 m.o. to be decorated with cartoon characters.

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