Procrastination: I know it well

I swept out the garage yesterday. Congrats, right? While that doesn't seem terribly significant - it is. See during our recent push to finish the bathroom remodel, I used the garage to cut some materials - kicking the Mrs. and her car out in the process. That was about two weeks ago and that work was completed over a week ago.

It always seemed like it would be such a pain in the butt to do - get bundled up, clean up the debris, put away the tools, and sweep up. I'd usually remember to do this around 8 or 9 pm. Day after day, rain after snow, it didn't get done.

Yesterday, I was home early and the Mrs. was still out running errands with the kids. Despite still being dressed up from work, I was outside, and had no distractions. I had it done in probably 5 minutes or less. When the Mrs. got home, she had her garage back.

Occasionally, in our financial lives certain tasks seem to be out of reach despite their true difficulty. I have a natural predilection for procrastination. It's why my bills were usually late in college and why the Mrs. cuts the checks today. Still, there are things that we have put off. Updating our wills for one. We've done one before and this update wouldn't be terribly different. Mostly just adding provision for our second child.

What are you putting off? Paying off debt? Funding an emergency fund? Is it really as out-of-reach as you perceive it to be?


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