NtJS Household Budget - March '09

If you read our monthly budget update from last month you know that Murphy had struck our household big time. We weathered it just fine and was glad the month was behind us. The reality it seems is that February would not be much better. We spent most of the month sick! We made three ER visits, one CAT scan and one MRI. We are know waiting to hear the results of the MRI to see what, if anything needs to be done. Our daughter has her first appointment with an Allergist on Monday and I'm sure we will be making more visits to figure out what is triggering her allergic reactions.

With all the medical expenses we have had so far this year we will be paying for this next stretch 100% out of pocket until we spend $1000 then it will go to 80/20 split. To see more details check out the breakdown below.

February's Budget Recap:

  • We ended up fighting the insurance company the whole month to get the rest of our money reimbursed from truck repairs after the wreck. It should be in the mail but we have had to absorb the cost for over a month now.
  • The money ran out before the end of the month. We had to make things stretch the last week of the month.
  • Property tax assessment came in and we need to increase our monthly savings for our annual payment.

March Budget:
  • We budgeted for $400 in health expenses.
  • Increased take home pay this month by changing the Mr.'s deductions at work.
  • Put money in the house repair category to update our 1964 thermostats with new programmable ones.
  • I accidentally paid our electric bill in Feb. instead of waiting until March so we don't budget for electric this month.

2009 Financial Goals:
  • Save for new roof (100% of funds by late spring) (Started)
  • Start putting money in Roth again after roof is fully funded
  • Continue to save for kids' college in 529s (Started)
  • Continue to do company matching 401k (Started)
  • Fully fund Roth and 529s by late summer
  • Start aggressively saving for a new car (Applied tax return)
Did you have a rough financial month? Did you have a better month then us?


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