De-Junking War - Day 4 (Postponed)

Thanks to horrible case of the stomach flu I will have to postpone Day 4, the kitchen, portion of this series. I ended up in the emergency room from dehydration Tuesday early morning and needed two bags of IV fluids. Now that I am home I have slept for over 24 hours with just a few brief 5-10 minute periods of awake time. I'm still extremely weak and now our oldest daughter is home sick from school with a different bug!

Hopefully I will be able to work on the kitchen by the end of this coming weekend. Maybe by Monday I will be able to post about my kitchen de-junking adventure. However, you might notice a drop in the number of posts during the next few days. As I'm out of commission and the Mr. is busy being Mr. Mom at home with the baby and us two sickos.


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