De-Junking War - Day 1

The Living Room~

Today I'm going through living room and cleaning it from top to bottom while de-junking. I have two paper sacks and a laundry basket with me. One bag is for trash, one is for good items to be given away or sold on a garage sale, and the laundry basket is for item that actually belong in a different room. If I run across something that I want to sell online it is taken to the office/ sewing room and sat on my ironing board for now. When I was preparing mentally for this room I didn't see anything in it that would be sold online.

I just finished the room and I 1have two large sacks full of toys to sell, a somewhat full bag of trash to dump out, and nothing on the ironing board to sell online. Most of the toys in the sacks are either baby toys that my girls don't use any more and the plastic play food from their kitchen. I'm happy to get rid of it since I worry about the plastic. One of the grandmas bought some new wooden ones made in Germany for our daughter's first birthday. They will be a nice addition to daughters' green toys. They baby toys I'm going to give to a brand new mom who has very little money to spend on her little one. I'm not sure if I will sell the play food at the next garage sale or if I should just freecycle them.

Lastly I dusted and vacuumed since I stirred up the dust today! I think that I will be moving the air purifier into the room later today to help with the dust in the air. Sometimes if I stirred up a lot of dust I'll re-dust in one to two days after it settles a little more.

I'm happy with what I accomplished with this room. I think that we might actually have some room for some of the new toys the girls got for Christmas and the little one's birthday. However, I know that we are going to be selling our tv center soon since it's to big for the room. When we do that we have to come up with new storage for all the movies and games. It will be like starting all over again, but that's okay. I've already weeded out a couple bags of movies and games from there too!

How is your living room shaping up? Was it hard to get rid of something? Was there any good money maker items you are going to sell?

The next room to tackle is the Master bedroom. Check back on Thursday to see if the junk or I win the next round of battles!


Jessica said...

I am looking for nice plastic food. Want to picture them?

Mrs. Not the Jet Set said...

It's really not all that nice. I think that was the cheapest plastic food my MIL could find. A 1/4 of the original pieces I have already tossed because they were cracked or damaged.

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