De-Junking War- Day 2

The Master Bedroom~

Our master bedroom is second most neglected room in our house just behind the office/sewing room. Why? We only use it to sleep and change clothes. It's very tiny and there is no tv in the room. We also never allow enough time to get ready for bed or to get ready in the mornings. We crash at night and race out the door in the mornings. This bad combination creates a breeding ground for clutter and dust.

While preparing mentally I did come up with some things to sell and give away. The main items being my nursing tops that I don't use any more. I think that I could manage to give away a few pairs of shoes that I have not worn in awhile. The main things I noticed was a lot of dust on surfaces and clutter on top of dressers.

When I started cleaning today I was dreading this room just because I've neglected it for so long. However, once I got started I really got into it! It felt good to clean my own room for a change. This is the only real space the Mr. and I have that is kid free (except for what they drag in). I was also surprised just how fast it went! It did not take long at all to finish the whole room. I did end up with a large stack of clothes. I'll be listing most of the nursing tops on diaper swappers and the rest I'm adding to the sack of baby toys to give away. I'll keep you posted on how much I make off of what I sell. In the end I also had a grocery sack full of shoes to freecycle.

The one thing I was not expecting when I cleaned the bedroom was the mattress cover. When I went to wash the sheets I found that some how since the last time I washed sheets the mattress cover was ripped and destroyed. I'm not sure how that one happened! So I did end up running to target today to buy a new one. I'll have to subtract it from my money make during the cleaning process.

How is your master bedroom shaping up? Was it hard to get rid of something? Was there any good money maker items you are going to sell?

The next room to tackle is the girl's bedroom next Thursday. I was not planning on having a week break between rooms, but God had different plans for our family. My grandfather passed away yesterday so we will be leaving to go back home for the funeral.

Check back on Thursday to see if the junk or I win the next round of battles!


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