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This week we were included on four carnivals and festivals. Be sure to check out a new series by the Mrs. on products still made in America. A good primer for your Holiday shopping.

We are pleased to welcome all new readers, as well as new carnivals to Not the Jet Set. To find out more about us, click here. We are a personal finance blog focused on frugality, stewardship, and current events, while also telling our story as a family and the personal finance decisions we have made. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out our NtJS Cafepress shop!

On with the round up...

Festival of Frugality: Bargain Briana takes us through the Election Day edition of the FoF. Trade agreements made headlines late in the campaign and the Mrs's new series on products made in the USA kicks off with a post about your kicks.

Carnival of Money Stories: SimplyForties hosts this week with their take on an Election Day Edition. What is this election everyone keeps talking about?! Just kidding! Our entry this week is on a much more serious note: Layoffs and the survival there of.

Carnival of Money Hacks: the 37th edition bucks the election theme trend in favor of 'Wonders of the World' garb. Our post falls under the Great Wall of China heading as layoffs reach an equally staggering magnitude.

Carnival of Wealth, Money, and Life: Under the heading of 'Life', we talk about death and the prospect of dying without a will. Getting a will is not as hard as you think and more neccessary than you can imagine.

Thanks for reading and thanks to all the hosts. Don't forget to tell your friends and subscribe to get updates via email or RSS.


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