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This week we were included on five carnivals and festivals. Another slow posting week here at NtJS due to, life getting in the way. Stay tuned - lots of good stuff on the way and in the hopper. Be sure to check out the return of ReUse It!

We are pleased to welcome all new readers, as well as new carnivals to Not the Jet Set. To find out more about us, click here. We are a personal finance blog focused on frugality, stewardship, and current events, while also telling our story as a family and the personal finance decisions we have made. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out our NtJS Cafepress shop!

On with the round up...

Carnival of All Things Eco: The twenty-first edition is hosted at Focus Organic and features Mrs. NtJS's adventures in baby-wrangling and cloth-diapering. I also liked:

Carnival of Personal Finance: Class clown, J. Money, hosts this week's CoPF at Budgets Are $exy. This week, we make rare appearance in the 'Credit' category with our post on credit reports vs. credit scores. Do you know the difference? Also be sure to check out:

Carnival of Money Stories: So Cal Savvy hosts this week, and just before being taken down by a sinus infection. Not Fun! Get well soon! Something that is fun? Finding good news in your mortgage statement. Some other good news:

Festival of Frugality: Is up at the Mighty Bargain Hunter with the Free Extra Money Edition (not entirely sure what that means). Featured is our tips for saving money on Halloween costumes. At our daughters school Halloween party, there were a lot of home-made costumes, many of which were quite clever.

Make It From Scratch Carnival: More than a mouthful, 11th Heaven's Homemaking Haven hosts this week and did an awesome job with a more visual version of the carnival. Our extra effort in the photography department pays off with our post on making these attractive reusable produce bags. Some other attractive posts from the carnival:

Thanks for reading and thanks to all the hosts. Don't forget to tell your friends and subscribe to get updates via email or RSS.


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