Carnivals / Festivals

This week we were included on four carnivals and festivals. Sad to report that we don't have time to add some suggested reading from each carnival, but then again, we barely got this one out as is! Enjoy the round up, and be sure to visit the carnivals as there are some great posts on there other than the ones written by us:)

We are pleased to welcome all new readers, as well as new carnivals to Not the Jet Set. To find out more about us, click here. We are a personal finance blog focused on frugality, stewardship, and current events, while also telling our story as a family and the personal finance decisions we have made. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out our NtJS Cafepress shop!

On with the round up...

Carnival of Kids and Money: Is hosted by Money Hacks and features our post on College Kids and Credit Cards. A great read if you got sucked in by one of these slimeballs, or know someone who did.

Make It From Scratch! Carnival: Is at it's mother blog this week. Included is our post on putting up peppers for the winter after doing without for most of the year.

Festival of Frugality: Up at Dollar Frugal this week, includes our mocku-mercial on our financial product of the centruy - The Need Meter! Get yours today!

Carnival of Money Stories: Hosted by Living Almost Large, opted in to our post on opting out. You'll want to do this if you haven't already.

Thanks for reading and thanks to all the hosts. Don't forget to tell your friends and subscribe to get updates via email or RSS.


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