Cloth Diapering Update

Back in July, we celebrated our independence (from disposable diapers) by making our cloth diapering spreadsheet available for free. During that time, 38 of you downloaded our Cloth Diapering Lledger. Yeah for you! For those of you using it, we are eager to hear your feedback. For those of you who didn't download it - sorry, but that offer is over.

[cue sad music]

Fear not, fellow cloth diaperers, all is not lost. In fact, you have something to gain...

Here is what the few people who payed for the file found out:

Huh? How's that?! That little green button on the right, that's how. Open an RME account (Paypal competitor, and our preferred method of payment) and they'll drop $25 into your account. Netting you a cool $24.01. Not bad, eh?

(note: It seems RME's $25 sign-up offer has ended as well. Go ahead and cue up that sad music for reals)

Happy diapering!


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