The Diaper Spreadsheet

So we've had some requests for more info on our cloth vs. disposable diaper spreadsheet. We admittedly did not quite do it justice in the cloth diapering post as it was quite long as is. Want to know more? Here's all the juicy details:

Cloth Features:
  • Auto sub and grand totals for money spent on cloth, money recouped on cloth, and the net gain/loss. The lists are broken down by diaper sizes with subtotals for each. And yes, you can profit if you score materials for free or make diapers yourself.
  • There are plenty of columns to keep track of all of the pertinent info: quantities, date purchased, date sold, prices, + a column for details on each product.

Disposables Features:
  • Auto sub and grand totals for money spent on disposable diapers, wipes, diaper genie refills as well as the net loss. These are broken down by size to correspond with the cloth section. And no, we know of no way to profit from using disposable diapers.
  • The only info you need to input is the number of days your baby was in this size and the average number of diapers per day. Average diapers per day may sound a bit weird, but a newborn on breast milk, for instance, will go through at least a diaper every two hours - 12-14 diapers per day.
  • Other info like cost of disposable products, and the amount needed are included in the formulas so you don't have to guess at how many newborn diapers fit in single diaper genie refill. We already looked it up and included it. Its 180.

Overall Features:
  • This is an 'open source' document in the sense that you are free to edit it as needed. Think our prices on disposable diapers is too high? Edit it. Think you can cram more than 180 newborn diapers in a diaper genie refill? Go for it, but I don't recommend it. Need an extra column for something we didn't think of? Add it in. If these edits are done right, as with any coding, it should have no affect on the rest of the document and not screw up the formulas.
  • The column headers are frozen so that you can still see them as you scroll through the document.
  • Grand totals for number of days in diapers, number of months in diapers, cost per day (cloth and disposables), cost per month (cloth and disposables) - hand for those of you on a monthly budget.
  • Grand-grand totals for total money saved by cloth diapering and the total number of disposable diapers you've kept out of the landfill.

Might just be worth 99 cents.

Best of all, you can have all this info saved on your hard drive. It's not just an online calculator that you use once or twice and can't save. It is a comprehensive ledger, that you own.

Like our spreadsheet? You can buy it for 99cents (USD)! FREE

Clearly, we're not looking to get rich here, just recouping some of the time and effort put into it.
See our Download page to get the file.


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