Carnivals / Festivals

This week we were included on three carnivals and festivals. Things have been nutty around here, especially at work for me. Starting to get a handle on things again, and hopefully be back to our normal posting schedule.

We are pleased to welcome all new readers, as well as new carnivals to Not the Jet Set. To find out more about us, click here. We are a personal finance blog focused on frugality, stewardship, and current events, while also telling our story as a family and the personal finance decisions we have made. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out our NtJS Cafepress shop!

On with the round up...

Carnival of Financial Goals: Rocket Finance is apparently enamored with Sarah Palin after watching her speech during the RNC - What? No pics? No quotes? She's a fiesty one. At least you find financial goals - lots of them - including the one we just reached.

Festival of Frugality: This week we get a french lesson along with our frugality at Almost Frugal. Here we learn the word avare - french for miser - and share a miserly post on spicing up your outlet covers. Some other misers:

Carnival of Money Stories: Funny About Money hosted the Labor Day edition of the CoMS. Included is our post on making a high style lunch bag for our daughter. Another story to peruse:
  • The Happy Rock canceled their Netflix account. Noooooooooooooooo! Sounds like this was a tough call, but needed to go.

Thanks for reading and thanks to all the hosts. Don't forget to tell your friends and subscribe to get updates via email or RSS.


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