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Last week (running behind) we were included on five carnivals and festivals - a very busy week! On top of that, we hosted the Carnival of Money Stories on Tuesday. Lots of great posts there, so be sure not to miss that.

We are pleased to welcome all new readers, as well as new carnivals to Not the Jet Set. To find out more about us, click here. We are a personal finance blog focused on frugality, stewardship, and current events, while also telling our story as a family and the personal finance decisions we have made. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out our NtJS Cafepress shop!

On with the round up...

Carnival of Personal Finance: Is hosted by Broke Grad Student, recapping highlights of the Beijing Olympic games. It seems to us that some of the scoring systems in the Olympics need an overhaul, just like the US checking system. Here is an article that I enjoyed:
  • No Debt Plan solves a spending problem in their household. Her fault? His fault? You'll have to click through to find out!

Festival of Frugality: #140 is up at FIRE Finance with interesting frugal quotes. Included is our post on cutting out cable and a few options to keep you sane. My favorite post from the festival is:

Carnival of All Things Eco: #14 is up at Focus Organic and features our walk-through on making t-shirt bags. Here is some more eco goodness from the carnival:

Carnival of Money Stories: Was hosted right here! Be sure to check this out if you haven't already cured your post-Olympic hangover. Those making the podium in the synchronized blogging event were:

Make It From Scratch! Carnival
: Was hosted by Learning the Ropes and featured our tutorial on making reusable t-shirt bags. It's a big hit on Stumble, too.

Finance Fiesta: Was at Master Your Card this week with a theme that I can barely spell let alone pronounce - cut and paste is even having issues. Fear of the number 13, that's all you need to know. No fear of thieves, in our featured post about someone stealing my wife's debit card number. How did we come out? Also from this Fiesta:

Thanks for reading and thanks to all the hosts. Don't forget to tell your friends and subscribe to get updates via email or RSS.


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