Green It! Carnival - Frugal Green Edition

Welcome to the much-anticipated Green It! Carnival. Today we'll take a look at fifteen articles on the theme of Frugal Green. This concept is very near and dear to our hearts as we seem to discuss it quite a bit. But really, what good is green if it is out of reach financially?

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My Frugal Faves for this edition:

valereee presents No dirt under your nails? No tomatoes for you! posted at Cincinnati Locavore, saying, "Rent out your gardening skills!"
Though it has drawn some backlash, why knock the wealthy for hiring vegetable gardeners? They have someone mowing the lawn, cleaning the pool, washing the cars, cleaning the house.... Why not hire an organic vegetable gardener. Certainly, you get more out of the experience by doing it yourself, but that's clearly not what they are after. Besides, that's a job that Mrs. NtJS would jump at! Maybe...

Tiffany Washko presents Go Green & Put Some Green Back In Your Pocket posted at Natural Family Living Blog.
Tiffany has a great collection of equally green and frugal ways. Reducing, reusing, recycling, shopping, cleaning, and driving. This is one to forward to your friends who thing that going green is always expensive.

NAOMI presents DANCERS GENERATE ELECTRICITY AT LONDON'S FIRST ECO NIGHTCLUB posted at Diary From England, saying, "Thought you might find this post interesting. Good luck with your carnival!"
Walkers, and cyclists get in free?! Maybe we'll reconsider our winter vacation plans... Really uncharted territory for the green movement, but why not?

Green At Home

Alison presents Neused table like new for Baby Green Me posted at Green Me.

Lisa Sharp presents Retro Housewife Goes Green: Being Green On A Budget... Food posted at Retro Housewife.

Sasha Bobylev presents What to do with the empties? | American Winery Blog posted at American Winery Blog, saying, "Post about creative uses for wine bottles."

Lane Wright presents Reducing Your Carbon Footprint posted at Vegan Bits.

Deanna Caswell presents Homemade Wet-Jet Pads and Solution posted at Little House in the Suburbs.

Green Gardening
presents 3 Steps to the Perfect Vegetable Garden (Part Two) posted at Smith Family Garden.

Teri presents My Work as an Environmental Biologist posted at Teri's Organic Garden, saying, "This blog entry discusses the 2 Organic Farming Grants I've worked with - the Public Seed Initiative and the Organic Seed Partnership - it talks about organic plant breeding, variety trials and seed production"

Green Transportation

Ben Dinsmore presents Hymotion L5 and The 100mpg Toyota Prius posted at Trees Full of Money, saying, "The new 100mpg adapter kit for the Toyota Prius proves that we have the technology for ultra fuel efficient vehicles. All we need now is to buy one of these $40,000 cars for each family in America!"

automediasolutions presents fuel economy is finally selling cars posted at Automedia.com -- Automotive advice you can trust, saying, "Fuel Economy: On Sale Now. Fuel-efficiency is driving new-car sales. In the wake of upward-spiraling gasoline prices in the first half of 2008, are some new-car customers finally weighing the benefits of smaller cars and turning away from elephantine SUVs? Monthly sales totals demonstrate that many are."

Automotive Traveler presents Automotive Traveler - From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank, Part Two posted at Automotive Traveler - Where every drive is an adventure, saying, "Last week, after reading Joshua Tickell's book From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank, I became intrigued about the prospect of buying a Mercedes-Benz diesel and running it on biodiesel or even straight vegetable oil."

Tips for Saving Green

Amy @ The Q Family presents 13 Ways to Be Green and Save your Green ($$) posted at The Q Family Adventure.

michelle presents Green Tips to Save Money on Your Bills This Summer posted at InventorSpot.com.

Sagar Satapathy presents How to: Get Great Deals on Organic Clothing - 25 Tips and Resources posted at Organicasm.

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The Q Family said...

Thank you for including my blog as part of this great carnival.

The post about the carnival will be up on Friday.

-Amy @ The Q Family

Green Me said...

Thank you for hosting! Nice job :)

Automotive Traveler said...

Thanks so much for including AutomotiveTraveler's "From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank, Part Two" book review in your forum!

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