A Frugal Summer Treat

What at first I thought was a peachy failure turned out to be a new family favorite. I'm sure I'm not the only frugal mama out there who cans and freezes fresh fruits and veggies every year to save some $. Sometimes when I try some new techniques or recipes they don't always go so well. One of those times involved peaches. I blanched my peaches, skinned, and pitted them. Then I packed them into quart sized freezer bags with extra peach juice to fill up the air space. Well.... a couple months later I went to thaw a bag and all I found was mushy peaches. Now they tasted good, and where safe to eat. If anyone to could handle the thin texture.

I was so ticked at myself for ruining all these peaches - wasting my time and my money! You can ask Mr. NtJS about it, but I can be really hard on myself at times. But the farmgirl in me would not let me throw them away since they were safe to eat. The question was what to do with all these bags of frozen mushy peaches?

After some thinking I decided that they would be great for anything I would puree. That is when I found a basic but great peach sherbet recipe. After cutting back the amount of sugar it called for, I found a great summer time treat that our family and friends love.

Peach Sherbet
(makes 1 gallon)

  • 2 quart bags of frozen mushy (LOL) peaches
  • 2 cups of sugar

Puree peaches and sugar until smooth. Put in ice cream maker and make per their instructions. Check for your ice cream maker's manual online if you can't find it.

If you don't have bags of mushy peaches laying (like most folks) then you could use 2 quarts of fresh peaches, a tablespoon of lemon juice and then just add peach juice as needed during the pureeing.

I hope your family enjoys this summer time treat!

If you have a similar food mishap made right please share with us as I'm always looking for ways to salvage my mistakes.


andy said...

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Stephanie said...

I like the way you think!

Heather said...

I never thought of this! Thanks for sharing!

RecycleCindy said...

Your peach sherbet sounds wonderful. I must try this soon. Thanks for the great MIFS post.

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