Celebrate Independence From Disposable Diapers

We recently spent some time away - away from work, away from chores, away from the blog (did you notice?). We went back to basics and went camping. Unfortunately, we did not have access to laundry facilities, nor enough cloth diapers to sustain us. What to do?

After much fretting and gnashing of teeth, we gave in. We bought disposable diapers.

(I can't believe I just typed that)

After the jump, the rest of our tale and a special offer.

Yes, you read right. We temporarily used disposies. We were not happy about it, but couldn't see ourselves washing cloth diapers in the river. We picked up a couple different kinds. 365 at Whole Foods, and Natural Choice at Meijer. We thought that both would give us the environmental friendliness we were after as well as the baby friendliness. No harsh chemicals, easily biodegradable. By the end of the trip - and several times in-between - we were reminded of why we hated using disposable diapers in the first place. They suck.

Leaks, leaks everywhere. Blowouts here and there. They just don't work well. We survived it - barely. At least baby's skin came out with nary a rash. The 365 brand wipes helped with that as well.

So we're back now, and thankfully have baby back in cloth. So as we (re) celebrate our independence from disposable diapers, we invite you to do the same. For the rest of July, and August, our cloth diapering spreadsheet is available for download - for FREE.

NtJS Cloth Diapering Spreadsheet - Download now!
(file info here)

So did we totally wus out by going back to disposables for the trip? If you were away for say... a week, how would you handle it with cloth?


andy said...

I'm with you! Cloth just work better! But when you are gone for more than a weekend it is difficult to take cloth on the road. Even though I do have enough cloth for about a week, lugging around the dirty diapers that long really isn't an option. We do disposable when we travel too!

billspaced said...

We've definitely found disposables to be the only viable option when we go out, but we don't get out much so we use cloth 99 percent of the time.

We have a service which has worked out really well, but it's expensive. Amazingly, however, it's less expensive than the cheapest disposables.

By the way, we order our Seventh Generation disposables through Amazon's "Subscribe and Save" service (and our Seventh Gen wipes) and we save 15 percent plus we get free shipping. Works great!

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