Rainwater Collection Round-up

We're getting a ton of visits from those of you seeking info on rainwater collection, rain barrel building, systems, inlets, overflows, plans, costs, structures, daisy chains..... People are thirsty for info on this topic and we couldn't be happier.

The one part of our How To: that we were thought was lacking was the links section. Those were links that I still had on file from when we built ours, and it was slim pickings back then. Oh how times have changed. I thought it would be good to post some other links that I'd found to be particularly informative on the topic and a good supplement to our tutorial on rainwater harvesting. Enjoy.

Overviews / General Information
Other How To's
Retailers (for those of you less than handy)

Be sure to share your finished projects with us. We'd love to see them and post them.


Backyard Gardener said...

I have a Cascata rain barrel in my backyard and it is a gorgeous teracotta color! You can also link these rain barrels in series. Check out my blog for further details:


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