Ok, I'm ticked. We've been hearing about it on the news for a week or so. We knew it was coming, but that didn't help. Yesterday, I had to pay $4.089 per gallon for gas. Ug.

There have been reports of people really starting to get radical to avoid using gasoline. Good. It's time America got mad about this. It's time we stop politicizing this issue. It's time we collectively work towards energy independence.

Think about some of these things come November. What is really important and pressing on our country? Which leader has the will to make the biggest change of course for our country? I have no idea, and I've been following this stuff.

What is really important in electing our next leader, and the congressmen/women that their administration will be working with? The case for energy independence is more than here.

What have you done recently to stave off high gas prices? Did you stay home over the Memorial Day weekend? We did.


Anonymous said...

The best way not spend money on fuel is to work on the holiday. Get paid holiday rate. It builds character.

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