Buying The Presidency: They're Still At It

Seems like it was forever ago when we said goodbye to Republican debt-monger, Mitt Romney (I know, I know - Mitt Who?). We ran old Mittens through the ringer over his campaign spending hypocrisy. Remember how he touted himself as this successful businessman and the only candidate with the economic and financial background to be successful in the White House next year? Yet he was constantly having to lie about and hide the fact that he was loaning his campaign millions to support their futile spending habits.

Well, Mitt may be gone from the spotlight, but his habits live on. Hillary "I still have a chance" Clinton finds her campaign 20 million dollars in debt. Through March 2008, her campaign has brought in over $194 million. Wow, right? Well, even Hill has been out paced by her Democratic opponent. You may have heard of him - Barack Obama. His campaign has pulled in over $240 million in the same time period. These are crazy numbers. What is even crazier, is that $194 million is not enough to get the job done.

Does the financial mismanagement of her campaign reflect the way Hillary would run the country? We don't know. What we do know, is that more closely examining candidates' spending habits may change the way we elect our leaders. Don't talk to me about the ailing economy and the plight of the middle-class when you are hardly leading by example.

Campaign spending via CNN.com


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