Buying The Presidency: No Deal

Ever wonder what $35-50 million buys you these days? In the case of Mitt Romney, not much. Ok, so he gained a loyal following of down-the-party-lines Republicans. On the other hand, everyone else seemed to see him for the scum bag he really is. Seriously, he even flip-flopped on his candidacy - I'm in the race, I'm not in the race. And he couldn't even be honest about why he was bowing out. For the betterment of the party? Puhl-ese.

Now, since he 'loaned' his campaign all of that personal money, what happens to it? Is that a bad debt that he will so graciously forgive now in the hour of his defeat? Was it 'loaned' to the campaign as a loophole to get around campaign finance laws and limits? Hillary just did the same thing. Its no wonder he criticized McCain for endorsing campaign finance reform. Mittens thrives on the current broken system. What's truly sick is that Mitt was the one accusing every other Republican of being a Dem in Rep's clothing. Mitt is the one spending money like a Dem. Hillary is out of money after raising $100+ million in '07?!? Now needs to loan herself money in the face of shrinking support? Sounds like ol' Mitt to me. The "true conservative"? Not when you're so liberally spending money, Mitt!

Oh well. Save the spite. Mitt's time has come and gone.


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