I'm Thinking of Getting a Credit Card

If you've been following along here, you'll know that this is kind of a big deal. See, I've never had a credit card. Never. Ever.

As a freshman in college, I always thought that I would screw it up, so I thought I would start with a debit card, and see how that went. Then if i could handle my money, look into a credit card. Well, money management doesn't just magically happen. And managing a checking account probably requires balancing a checkbook or reconciling the account in some way shape of fashion. As you can imagine, it went pretty stinko, and I never even applied for a credit card.

Fast forward to post graduation. We got married, got an apartment, had a baby.... My wife had a credit card that we/she used - I was never an authorized user, but she bought stuff for us, so technically, we used it. She handled the bills, and with her very strict self-control, we never carried a balance.

Enter Dave Ramsey. We had 2 car payments, a mortgage, and a student loan - but, baby, we were getting CASH BACK! And REWARDS! Awesome right?! Nah. Just normal really. We drank the debt-freedom Kool-Aid, shredded the cards and never looked back.

Today, we are debt-free, single-income, no credit cards, and loving it! But for the first time in my life, my work requires a fair amount of travel. Up until now, the corporate credit cards were just personal cards that were company 'sponsored', so you were responsible for the bill, but then the company would reimburse you. Not terribly attractive. This year, they have switched to a new card and expense reporting system that is backed by the company. You mean I don't have to front my travel expenses for a multi-billion dollar global company?! Crazy.

So for the first time in my life, I am seriously considering getting a credit card - sort of. My wife is on board as it will make our finances much easier to manage with no more need for a travel fund and buffer. My co-workers say that the new system works great. But I hesitate. I almost hate to get one since I've gone so long without one already and really have no desire to have one. I'm probably crazy since it's not for personal use.

What I can't seem to find any info on, is if this would even show up on my credit report. Anyone know? My credit report is clean, and my score, which I couldn't care less about, is quite respectable. I'm not sure if it would even be considered "mine" as it's the company's card that I use. It's really more of a matter of principle. (This will drive a lot of PF bloggers crazy.) It would actually prefer for the card not to show up on my credit.

Anyone have experience with a system like this? Pros/Cons?

If there are fraudulent charges, who deals with it? Me or my employer?

Should I do it?

I'm tempted to e-mail Dave Ramsey for an opinion, but I don't have access to all three hours of his show anymore. Anyone heard that question answered by him before?

**UPDATE** I've acquired more info on our specific program, though it was not terribly easy to find. It just wouldn't be a true credit card if the pertinent info were easy to find. Here are the highpoints:
  • The card works just like a personal credit card; however, the card has no impact on the cardholders’ personal credit history
  • Although the card lists an individual's name, the card is actually issued to the Corporation
  • The amount due on the card is paid directly by Accounts Payable
  • The cardholder makes no payment (ITS FREE MONEY!!! just kidding)
  • Billing errors and disputes are the responsibility of the cardholder
  • it is for BUSINESS USE ONLY. Use of this card outside of the standard course of business is strictly forbidden.
  • It is mandatory that the cardholder retain an original sales receipt for each purchase that identifies any state sales tax
  • Must not use a personal credit card for business related expenses

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