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He's a spender, she's a saver. Together, they're Not the Jet Set.

Fed up with working too hard to not have any money, we made the decision to take control of our finances. We began a mission to get out of debt and stay out of debt - forever. On June 23rd of 2006, we completed Baby Step 2 by paying off over $42,000 in 20 months. During that time and ever since then, we've seen it as part of our calling to help others achieve what we have - financial peace.

not the jet set . net is a blog about money, stewardship, and frugal living - personal finance for the rest of us: one family's story. We don't claim to know it all. We won't claim to make you rich. But we may get you to think a little differently about money and how it affects your life.

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TA-TA said...

Congratulations on your decision to be debt free (and actually getting there). Our story is a lot like yours (only 5 years behind). We are currently exploring the ways to share our calling to help others. I love to explore ideas with you some time!

Looking forward to following your journey!

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