Sharing Your Faith

As a Catholic mom I feel like it is important for me to make sure my children understand their faith. Sending them to a Catholic school and having them attend Mass every weekend is not enough. They need to be learning everyday what it means to be a Catholic. To help accomplish this I was looking for just the right resource to help me with this learning process during the upcoming summer break.

I found just the right book for the job! The Treasure of My Catholic Faith 1 by Circle Press Scholastic is at the right level for my first grader. It is full of colorful pictures and worksheets that will help to open the discussion of several different topics. This book is the first in a series of 6 books. It covers all the basics from creation, Jesus's birth to his death. One of the lessons that I will actually do before this summer is lesson 5 in chapter 2, I am a Child of God. This lesson covers Baptism. It walks the child through what takes place during the sacrament along with discussion about the specific day they personally were baptized. In just a few weeks her cousin will be baptized. This lesson will help her to have a better understanding of what is going on during the ceremony.

By the end of the book your child should have a good understanding of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit along with the basics of the Catholic faith that are age appropriate. The only thing that I do not like about the book is that the pages are not perforated. I personally like to be able to take out just the pages we are working on at the time and not give my daughter the whole book since she likes to try to work ahead. Overall I would recommend this book to any other parents looking for a good Catholic educational resource. You can purchase this book here.

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