Craft Show Results

I spent weeks working on projects and days fretting about the success or failure of my first craft show. Did the hours of table display prep work pay off?

Financially, no, educationally speaking yes. There was three other large sized art and craft shows going on that same day in our town. So there was lots of competition and the fair I was in was most peoples last stop. I had lots of people come through who talked about what great ideas I have. But didn't buy. Some of them I could tell were shopping for ideas while others were looking for steals. I also didn't think that it helped that a little old grandma was set up across from me who was basically giving her sewing projects away for free. She had prices like one dollar for a burp cloth, 3 dollars for crayon roll and $10 for a good sized flannel quilt. I'm not even sure how she could make money even though she was selling a lot.

All this info helped me to decide that my time is more valuable then what people are willing to pay at craft shows. I'm not going to spend $12 on materials and charge a total of $15 making my three hours of work worth nothing after paying for slot, business cards, price tags and other associated business expenses. I don't think that I'll try it again. Instead I'll stick to my Etsy shop and making gifts for friends. Even though everyone says I should sell my stuff, no one is really willing to pay for it (at least in this economy).

Hopefully the items will sell in the Etsy shop. Keep an eye our for a lot of new fun listings soon!

Have you tried an art and craft show this year? How did it go for you? I'd love to hear!

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beachgirl said...

I did one through my kids' school last fall and didn't have much success. I had burp cloths, hair bows, hair bow holders, toddler backpacks,and crayon rolls. I felt like I had priced everything fairly cheap and no one else at the craft fair had anything comparable but I hardly sold anything. There were lots of interest in what I had but not much buying. I won't try again as it wasn't worth all the time and effort (and stress!) I put into it. I've chalked it up to a learning experience.

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