Vacation or Bust: 2009

Since we moved to Michigan almost three years ago we have not had a family vacation. We have spent all of our free time and money on renovating our new home. Even though our home is not quiet done, we do have running water, a functioning heater, and a non-leaking roof over our heads. Those are huge accomplishments to have done. So huge that the Mr. and I are just plum worn out.

So with the rest of the country switching to staycations, we have decided that it's finally time to take a real vacation. In true not-the-jet-set style we have sat down and discussed our possible vacation sites and the budget needed for each. Since we really don't have any funds saved up so far are going to go low budget.

Here is the plan: Austin, Texas over Christmas break

Our thoughts are that if we go over Christmas break it will maximize the Mr.'s vacation time so that we can be gone for 10 days. Since we miss Texas (especially in the winter) it would be great to visit friends and our old stomping grounds. We could also stay with friends while we are there to save on money.

The budget breakdown:

Gas $300
Food $600
Outings $200
Lodging $200
= $1300

These number were not pulled out of thin air. I sat down and did the math to figure out how many miles we would drive and the cost per gallon. I knew we would want to eat at our favorite restaraunts and pay for our friends meals. We would want to visit a few places that will cost money and our oldest daughter wants new hot pink cowgirls boots w/ a matching hat. We will also have two nights on the road that will call for a hotel room.

How are we going to get the money? Good question! Our budget is tighter then tight for the next couple months so it's not coming out of there. We are going to try to come up with the funds by doing extra things to make extra money. Things like a garage sale, surveys, increase blog income, selling more extra veggies and homemade goodies. We might even try to come up with a few more creative ways to make some extra money.

If we don't save up enough money then we will not be able to go. It would be really sad if we can not swing it financially, but we don't deserve a vacation we can't pay for. It's not worth it.

We will keep you updated as we start making money to fund the trip (watch the side bar for the numbers). If you have any ideas or suggestions for creative income for the trip or ways to cut back on the budget feel free to share them!


Anonymous said...

I hope that you make your goal. I live in Round Rock Texas..I know how wonderful Texas winters are. We are finally getting some much needed rain here; maybe Lake Travis will be in better shape when you get here. Blessings Roxie Meiske

Mr. (not) the Jet Set said...

Roxie -

I hope Lake Travis is better shape someday. It was bad when we left 3 years ago.

We do miss the Texas winters. I can recall raking leaves in short sleeves around Christmas one year.

Thanks for the support

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