Vacation Or Bust Update

Our challenge is to raise $1300 before Christmas vacation. For more details checkout our original post. We know that it's a lofty goal to reach that fast without adding any salaried income to the mix, but we also live on a tight budget. A vacation is a luxury not a necessity.

Here is the breakdown of what we have done so far this month:

  • Garage Sale- We decided to have an impromptu garage sale with a friend who lives on a busy road in a really nice part of town. It worked out great! We sold most of our stuff and made $427 to put towards our vacation fund.
  • Survey- Ironically the week we started the challenge the Mr. got a call from a magazine he subscribes to asking him to take part in a large web-based survey the following week. His reward was a check for $150.
  • Blog- We made $71 in blog revenue this month after paypal fees and other costs.
So far this month we have made a grand total of $648! Not bad for just under 4 weeks. We are only two dollars shy of the halfway mark. The garage sale was our biggest money maker planned. It did give us a great boost in the right direction but we are running out of stuff to sell for money.

The plan for the next couple weeks is to sell of a few odd ends and I'm going to try selling some of my handmade items at a local craft fair in two weeks. I'm hoping to make about $20-30 each on the odd end. I have no clue what I'll make at the craft fair. It's the first time I've tried something like that so it's all an unknown. Hopefully it will raise some cash instead of just being just a learning experience.

Do you have any ideas for us to raise some fast cash? How have you raised vacation funds in the past?


Matt Jabs said...

Awesome! I love how y'all aren't just taking it from somewhere else... you're doing what you have to do to make it happen - then enjoying the fruits of you labor.

Readers should really consider that and then consider how much sweeter vacations would be, and how much more we would appreciate them if we all did it like that!

Good stuff, as usual.

Anonymous said...

Your progress sounds great! I wish I had some helpful tips to share but I don't think I do. Most of our snowballing outside of normal income comes from selling hay, scrap metal, or various small equipment. We've also collected on some money owed to us by customers. I mostly contribute by finding new ways to pinch the budget tighter so that money can go towards something else.

I think you guys are rockin' it already! :)

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