Girl's Room Inspiration

Before I reveal the girls' new room I wanted to share with you my inspiration and prep work. As many of you know already, it is VERY important to make a plan before starting any project. This one was no different. I gathered all my inspiration photos, created a budget, and a time line. In the end I was actually surprised how well the plan came together. In our house things don't always go as planned when we tackle remodeling projects so it was nice to have this small room makeover go so smooth.

Here was my inspiration pieces:

Painted Dressers

White Classic looking Bunk Bed

Name By Each Bed

Color Palette

A couple monthes before we even started to touch the room I started shopping for the furniture. Thankfully we have a large basement to hide furniture in! When I would get a chance I would sneak out the furniture and paint it. I also made the name banners for each of the girls in the evenings after they would go to bed. One of the other important things we did was measure their room and do a layout of it to make sure that everything would fit were we wanted it to go.

All of this prep work made it possible to do a room makeover in just one and a half days while they visited their grandparents. Stay tuned for the big reveal!


Gina @ MoneywiseMoms said...

I can't wait! I will be doing the same makeover for my twins in a few years (they need bunkbeds because it's a small room). I love your color palette and can't wait to see how it turned out.

Luigi | Brochure Printing said...

Wow! The designs are really awesome. The color palette is really great. I would like to try that also in my room. I'm planning to have a room make-over and I would definitely want it to be just like a girl's bedroom.:) Thank you for sharing this post.

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