Mystery Plant

I'm stumped... I've lots of volunteer veggies in my garden this year since I added some only half composted compost to a few of the new beds. There if one plant that really has me stumped as to what it is. At first I thought that they were mutated yellow squash. I cut one open to find that they were not yellow squash. Then they started turning an orange-ish color, but they don't really look like pumpkins.

What do I have here?

This is the first time that I've ever really been 100% stumped by a volunteer plant after it bears fruit. Please take a good look and let me know what you think it is in the comments section.


Gina said...

I've had pumpkins look like that before they grow to maturity, but is it possible that you've cross-bred yellow squash and pumpkins (I have no idea if that's possible)?

Anonymous said...

We get all kinds of cross breads in our garden. We get the acorn squash, summer squash and zucchini all crossing.

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