The MIA Mom

This summer I feel like I have been neglecting our blog. The Mr. has been picking up the slack while I've been MIA. Thanks honey!

Our youngest daughter is just shy of 1 1/2 years old. When our oldest was this age I traveled for work and the Mr. was a part time stay at home dad while she at day care the other half of the time. Things just sort of flowed and I didn't have to worry about things. This time around I find myself clueless about our toddler's behavior. Her personality is very different from her sisters and it has been 5 years. So while I've been "quiet" online, I've been busy reading book I can get my hands on that deals specifically with this age.

So far the most helpful one is called Me, Myself and I- How Children Build Their Sense of Self by Kyle D. Pruett, M.D.. I'm still reading it but it has given me some great insight as to what is going on in her little brain and how I can change my parenting style so that we can have a peaceful home.

Until I finish my research on parenting a toddler you might notice a little less posting from me. But no fear, I'm still here doing what I've always done, just not blogging about it.


Janet said...

hi - thanks for the recommendation for the toddler book, I will be reading it. My own personal lifesaver has been handinhandparenting.org, which talks about parenting by connection. Anyway - not saying that I'm doing it write, but I always like to pass the word on as they have been so good for our family.

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