Carnival of Money Stories: Father's Day Edition

Ahhh, Father's Day! That wondrous time of year, when families all over the country look at each other and ask, "What the heck are we getting Dad this year?" Today we'll look at 19 stories or personal experiences with money as well as some classic Father's Day gifts.

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On with the stories...

The "#1 Dad" mug truly says it all when it comes to dear old Dad. "Dad, I love you enough to wait until the last minute, and then get you another crummy coffee mug". Here's this week's #1 Dads (Editor's pics):

You know you did it. At some point or another, you got Dad a tie for Father's Day. This is especially bad if your father doesn't dress up a lot. Even if he did, like my father, was he really short one? Surely that randomly picked out, "I think this one looks nice" tie was the one to complete his collection.

In my family, someone was getting chocolates on Father's Day - Dad, the Grandpa's, Uncles... somebody. Really this wasn't a bad deal as the box would usually be passed around at some point. As a recipient, this is one of the better gifts, provided it's not a chocolate necktie!

There was always 'that gadget'. Something you were so sure that Dad would love. And maybe he did. Was it a Palm? A pocket knife? A mechanical credit card organizer?!? Bonus points if it came from the Sharper Image.

Gift or no gift, you just couldn't go wrong getting Dad a card. I mean really, what better way to tell Dad how you feel about him than in someone else's overly generalized words. Bonus points if the card had a tie on it. Double bonus points if the tie said "#1 Dad" on it.

Thanks for reading! And if you're still looking for that perfect gift for Dad, here is my advice: Talent or Time.

Make him something. Something you're good at. Dad got choked up one year when I made him a picture frame with an old picture of us in it. Maybe better yet - spend some time with the guy. Take him to a ball game, or a car show, or a movie, or whatever. The activity isn't nearly as important as the interaction. A few hours and a couple of beers later and he won't care if the card is reused from last year.

Happy Father's Day!


Patrick said...

Thanks for hosting. :)

J. Money said...

Yes! making stuff always goes sooooo much farther than buying stuff, and it's also usually good for the pockets ;)

Free From Broke said...

Thanks for hosting!

TheHappyRock said...

Love the theme. Thanks for hosting.

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