NtJS Household Budget Update: May 2009

I think that Murphy is finally moved out! Yay! We do have some more clean up from when he moved in (like the roof still needs replaced) but for the most things are back to normal. For the most part April was calm and there was no large budget busters. It was the break we needed for our sanity.

April's Budget Recap:

  • We did awesome sticking with our budget
  • We had extra funds left in the home repair and babysitter envelopes
  • Garage sale make us just over $450 which was divided equally between the kids clothes envelope and the garden remodeling fund
  • One last straggler medical bill came in and will be added to the May budget

May Budget:

  • Doubled the amount we are saving for the roof this month (moved over the energy bill savings)
  • Girls need tons of summer clothes but didn't add it to the budget since we have the money from the garage sale
  • Budgeted for a vet visit
  • Budgeted extra for a Mother Day's surprise and the Mr.'s birthday

2009 Financial Goals:
  • Save for new roof (100% of funds by June) (Purchased shingles on sale and continuing to save for the rest)
  • Start putting money in Roth again after roof is fully funded (Starting in July)
  • Continue to save for kids' college in 529s (Started)
  • Continue to do company matching 401k (Started)
  • Fully fund Roth and 529s by late summer (Hard to achieve on current income)
  • Start aggressively saving for a new car (Put on hold b/c of boiler & medical bills)
How did your month go financially speaking? Better or worse then expected?


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