How many shredded credit cards!?!

So we had one guess - you guys are no fun. Ya ya's Mom guessed 50 shredded credit cards in the jar.

At the time of this picture, our half-gallon mason jar held 150 shredded credit cards.

One hundred fifty!

As crazy as that number is, it now holds 170. All shredded during the first 9 weeks of our FPU course. There are 37 families enrolled in the course plus 3 couples coordinating the course. Some of them had no debt or credit cards coming into the class. Others did and have since made the choice to change their behavior - permanently.

Other blogs may spout about getting the best rewards cards, or justify their home-equity loan, or why they just had to buy a new car. We're not here to participate in stupidity. We're here to get you to think a little differently than everyone else when it comes to your money. We're not the jet set.


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